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Prednisone medicine is a form of medical and sanitary provision for the mainly rural population, which arose in Russia after the abolition of serfdom. Z. M. for the first time in the history of medicine and public health has developed and implemented a new form of organization ...

Prednisone MEDICINE - according to the definition of the Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on the Protection of Citizens' Health of July 22, 1993 "methods of rehabilitation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on the experience of many generations of people ... FOLK MEDICINE - methods of health improvement, prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on the experience of many generations of people, established in folk traditions and not registered in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Forensic medicine (English forensic pathology, German Rechtsmedizin, French médecine légale) is a special branch of medicine that deals with the application of medical and other knowledge from the field of natural sciences for the needs of law enforcement and justice.

Traditional medicine N. medicine (Medicina gentilitia, according to Osiander) should be understood as those medical means, methods and different Prednisone treatment, which help themselves in diseases of commoners, dark inhabitants of villages and villages. Traditional medicine, a set of empirical information accumulated by the people about healing agents, medicinal herbs and hygiene skills, as well as their practical application for maintaining health, preventing and treating diseases.

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Traditional medicine is a set of empirical knowledge and practical methods passed on by the people from generation to generation (in oral and written form), used to recognize, treat and prevent diseases. Folk medicine (Latin medicina gentilitia; German Volksmedizin, also Volksheilkunde; English Folk medicine; or Traditional medicine - English Traditional medicine) is a part of alternative medicine, which includes knowledge about diseases.

The main goal of sports medicine is biomedical preparation of athletes for participation in competitions. Medical and biological training of athletes is an integral part of their training in general, designed to solve a number of specific tasks.

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